About Us
20+ Years of Interactive Experience

Our interactive journey began before the turn of the century and we came of age during the advent of social media. We relish fun, creative challenges, and we love smiles, memories and artifacts. We provided the photo booth and live photo projection system at the first Facebook developers convention and we made custom photo / video projects and sharing systems to help launch Google+ (RIP). We have expert knowledge of software, hardware, API integrations, sharing systems, data capture and reporting, and system design for streamlined event flow. We have created hundreds of unique photo and video installations worldwide, and our software systems have powered countless events, from weddings and conventions to retail, marketing tours, concerts and museums.

Please take a look at our project page and let us know if you have any questions or would like to know more about a specific project. We also have a lot more under the hood. Our client list is too long to mention, but we have created projects for nearly every business sector and event type. We'd like nothing more than to give you a tour of our systems and work with you to create your next project. We love to make new and exciting things, but we also have a huge library of existing projects and code so you won't have to pay to re-invent the wheel. We are a full service studio, so if you really need it next week, then the answer is probably yes! .


Event Rentals to Custom Interactive

Below is a general list of our services. We approach each project as a unique challenge, and we work hard to create amazing and memorable experiences for both the event patron and client.

Software Development

Full Stack. Desktop, mobile apps, web, API's, email systems and unique hardware control and automation. Yep, we do that.

Design & Build

Our team of designers and builders have skills! We concept, design, prototype and fabricate.

Event Rentals

We have warehouses full of interactive projects. What do you need for your event and where? Please, let us know.

Ideation and Consulting

We love when the lightbulb goes on. We work together to bring unique ideas to life. We can also help with brand strategy and event planning.

Social Media

We know the landscape and best practices. We build and integrate sharing systems and automate usage reports delivered to your inbox on Monday morning.

Tech Support

Scheduled or On-Demand. 24-7

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